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Triple Glazed or Double Glazed Skylights?

Triple Glazed or Double Glazed Skylights?

New generation triple glazed skylights and windows are winning over buyers and builders, as their real-world performance improves the noticeable comfort of every home. And beyond just improving the enjoyment of being inside, they provide other substantial benefits and long term cost savings.

Double glazed glass has been around for several generations, and the insulating effects of a layer of air or gas, such as argon, between the panes is well documented. Triple glazing has taken that concept and expanded the efficiencies by adding a third pane in-between, and effectively doubling the insulating buffers of air that are sealed inside. With additional insulation comes significant advantages in the most tangible features of glass skylights.

It’s a simple matter of comfort.

Everyone who lives in a home will feel the effects of heat loss. It’s a simple matter of comfort. The more heat that bleeds through inefficient glass barriers, the colder the home will be. The fact that triple glazed windows and skylights have been widely adopted in areas of the world where heat loss is a major concern, like Scandinavia, is a pretty good indicator of their real-world value. Triple glazing can improve the heat retention by as much as 50% over standard double glazed glass, and a warm home is a happy home.

Life … is filled with sound.

Noise reduction is another easily perceived benefit of triple glazing. Life in an urban environment is filled with sound. Traffic, nearby neighbors, dogs and children, all present unique challenges to a peaceful home and a restful sleep, and triple glazing will appreciably reduce the volume.

The buildup of condensation on glass occurs when the cold air outside is able to reach and react with warmer temperatures inside the house. By providing three layers of glass along with two isolated barriers of air or gas, a triple glazed skylight helps retain a comfortable level of humidity while significantly reducing the chances of condensation forming on the internal pane. It’s also a bit better at reducing harmful UV rays than standard double glazed skylights.

Replacing the energy lost through glass surfaces in a home accounts for as much as 12% of total energy usage. In particularly cold climates, triple glazed glass can reduce the energy expenditure in a typical home by up to 16%. So in areas where energy costs are higher and temperatures are frigid, the efficiency of triple glazed glass will be evident in the monthly electric or gas bill.

… a worthy investment.

In the end, it’s the perceived comfort level of living indoors during the extreme seasons, both winter and summer, that will convince home buyers and builders that triple glazed skylights and windows are a worthy investment. With the ability to help maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature inside, and reduce the noisy distractions outside in the surrounding world, the real advantage for triple glazed glass is measured in the contentment of people in the home. Triple glazed may be a bit more expensive up front to install, but it will continue to deliver value in a lifetime of benefits that will be seen and felt every day.

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