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Central Pivot Windows from FAKRO: A Technical Overview by Cambridge Skylights

Central Pivot Windows from FAKRO: A Technical Overview by Cambridge Skylights

At Cambridge Skylights, we pride ourselves on offering the finest in architectural innovation. Amongst our range, the FAKRO central pivot roof windows stand out due to their technical brilliance. Let’s explore the detailed features that make these windows an architect's delight.

The Pivotal Mechanism Unveiled
The beauty of the central pivot design lies in its mechanism. Unlike traditional roof windows, FAKRO's window rotates centrally. This mechanism facilitates:
  • Uniform Ventilation: Provides symmetrical airflow ensuring an evenly ventilated room.
  • Space Efficiency: The window, when opened, doesn't lean outward or inward too much, ensuring efficient space utilisation.
Materials & Build
FAKRO doesn’t compromise on the quality. Crafted from the finest materials, the windows feature:
  • High-quality Timber: Sourced sustainably, providing robustness and longevity.
  • Double-glazing: Standard across the range for enhanced thermal efficiency. A vital consideration for the unpredictable British weather.
Safety & Security Aspects
Safety remains paramount in FAKRO's design philosophy. The central pivot windows are equipped with:
  • Top-notch Locking Mechanism: Ensures that once they're shut, they remain securely in place.
  • Toughened Glass: Resistant to impacts, thus adding an extra layer of safety.

Thermal Efficiency
Given the UK’s chilly winters, thermal efficiency is a must. FAKRO's central pivot roof windows:
- Have a U-value (a measure of thermal transmittance) that competes with the best in the industry.
- Feature tight seals ensuring minimal heat loss, perfect for keeping homes cosy.

Sound Insulation
Noise pollution is a growing concern, especially in urban settings. With FAKRO’s design:

  • The double-glazing acts as a barrier, reducing external noise.
  • Enhanced sealants further dampen any intrusive sounds.
Water Tightness & Wind Load Resistance
Considering the UK’s penchant for sudden showers, water tightness is critical. The design ensures:
  • Excellent water tightness, keeping the interiors dry.
  • A robust build that resists wind loads effectively, ensuring durability even during stormy conditions.

Cambridge Skylights is proud to supply FAKRO’s central pivot roof windows. Their technical superiority combined with aesthetic elegance makes them an ideal choice for contemporary UK homes. Architects and builders seeking the best in window technology needn't look further.
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