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Skylights vs Solar Tubes.

Skylights Vs. Solar Tubes: Which Is The Better Choice For Your Home?

Are you tired of living like a bat in a cave? Well, fear not, for we have a bright idea to bring some sunshine into your life. Skylights vs. solar tubes: the ultimate showdown. Who will reign supreme as the source of natural light in your home? 

Let's dig into the nitty-gritty details of cost, efficiency, design, energy savings, and installation requirements to help you make an informed decision. Just be prepared to put on your sunglasses because this debate is about to get heated.

Skylights lighting up a stunning bathroom.

What Are Skylights?

Boring four walls got you down? It's time to look up—to skylights. These ingenious inventions are like windows' cooler cousin, installed on your roof to let natural light cascade down into your abode. But how, you ask? 

Skylights work by maximizing the amount of sunlight that enters your space through a frame and glazing that can either be fixed or operable. The glazing is typically crafted from glass or plastic, while the frame keeps it securely in place and shields it from Mother Nature's fury.

If you want to wake up to the sweet sounds of birds chirping and sunshine streaming into your life, skylights are the answer. 

These innovative creations, also known as rooflights, offer a slew of benefits that'll make you wonder why you ever relied solely on plain old windows. From more natural light and warmth during the frigid months to a reduction in energy usage and an aesthetic upgrade, skylights truly deliver. 

Don't let the beauty of it all blind you—potential issues like installation snafus and leaky windows exist. Always consult with a pro before taking the plunge.

The free-spirited cousin of regular windows offer a sense of openness and sunshine-filled bliss. But let's not forget about the not-so-pleasant aspects. Cleaning them can be a nightmare—unless you're a cleaning ninja with stretchy arms (or opt for the self-cleaning coating). And if you're not careful, you might find yourself sweating like a sinner in church during the summer. Plus, rain could turn your living space into a cozy indoor pool. 

Solar tubes on a roof.

What Are Solar Tubes?

Also known as sun tunnels, light tubes, or solar pipes, solar tubes are innovative products designed to harness the power of natural light.

These incredible tunnels may not have fairy dust, but they do have practicality on their side. Picture this: sunshine enters your home through a dome on your roof, travels down a reflective tube, and boom! You have a well-lit room. And let's not forget about the energy and cost savings. Who doesn't love a sustainable home, after all? 

But before you get starry-eyed, consider the potential drawbacks, like limited lighting and less-than-ideal aesthetics. But hey, at least you're saving money and helping the planet.

Comparison Between Skylights And Solar Tubes

The dynamic duo of skylights and solar tubes are here to save the day (and your Vitamin D levels). Let's dive in and compare these two sizzling options. 

Skylights give you that sweet, sweet sky view, but beware of the upkeep and installation costs. Solar tubes, on the other hand, won't break the bank and can be easier to install. But don't get too starry-eyed, because these babies come with less of a view. 

When it comes to cost, skylights may require you to sell your firstborn (or at least consider a second job), while solar tubes are often more affordable. 

Lastly, installation can be a bit dicey for both options, but skylights take the cake for potential difficulties. So whether you want to bask in the sun or twinkle with the stars, skylights and solar tubes have got your back–and your roof.

Let’s compare skylights and solar tubes side-by-side:



Solar Tubes


More expensive to install and maintain

More affordable to install and maintain


Offers more natural light and heat in colder months

Offers less natural light and heat


Provides a beautiful and expansive view of the sky

Smaller design and a narrow view

Energy Savings

Good insulator that helps lower energy costs and reduces the need for artificial lighting

Great at reducing the need for artificial lighting

Installation Req.

Requires structural changes and might not work for all roofs

Adaptable to different roofing setups and easy to install


Regular maintenance required for longevity

Requires minimal maintenance for longevity

Large skylights bringing in lots of natural light.

Which Option Is Better For Your Home?

Let's talk about how to take your home from drab to fab with some natural light brought to you by the tag team champs, skylights and sun tunnels. 

Let's be honest; one option reigns supreme. Skylights not only fill your space with sunshine galore but also give you a killer view of the sky. Plus, who doesn't love feeling like they're in a fancy penthouse every time they look up? 

Solar tubes, on the other hand, are like the little brother who always tries to keep up but can't quite measure up. They're compact and easy to install but can't deliver the same show-stopping impact as a skylight. 

When it comes to room size, solar tubes might be fine for a closet (although who wants to hang out in there?), but let's be real, skylights are perfect for any room—from a cosy den to a grand foyer. Even sloped roofs aren't an issue for skylights; for the right contractor, they're a breeze to install. And as for flat roofs, sure, solar tubes don't require any structural changes, but a skylight is worth the extra effort for that added je ne sais quoi. 

So, if you're ready to elevate your home and give it that wow factor, skip the solar tubes and go straight for the gold: a skylight.

Let The Light In

Wrap yourself in a sunny glow and say goodbye to the dark side. While solar tubes and their miniature light show may have some benefits, skylights are the clear winner for basking in natural light and gazing at the stars. 

Today, you've learned about both products' different features and components, giving you the power to enhance your home and lifestyle. 

So why settle for less when you can have it all with an elegant skylight? Better yet, order from Cambridge Skylights for the ultimate high-quality frameless skylights. Enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, well-lit home with added energy savings. 

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