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Q&A with Darina, Director of Cambridge Skylights

Q&A with Darina, Director of Cambridge Skylights

Q: Tell us about your time before Cambridge Skylights.

A: My background is quite colourful and as it happens, I am a lawyer with degrees from both the University of Edinburgh and University of Cambridge. However, I have always been more interested in entrepreneurship, construction, and sustainable living, so I always knew I wouldn't last long in law.

Q: Do you have any experience in construction then?

A: Actually, I do. It is in my family's history to work in construction. My grandfather founded a large construction company many years ago and growing up around construction sites sparked my interest in this field.

Q: Was that what led you to Cambridge Skylights?

Yes and no. I developed an interest in sustainability at Cambridge University and was disappointed to learn that traditional construction consumes so much natural resources by its very nature. Therefore, I looked for a design that would be environmentally friendly and striking at the same time - making beautiful skylights seemed like the obvious choice.

Q: So, skylights are sustainable?

A: My view is that skylights are green living's unsung heroes. Research has shown that installing enough rooflights (between 15-20% of the total roof area) will result in lower energy consumption and the associated carbon dioxide emissions.

Q: Are there any other benefits of installing skylights?

A: Yes! The impact that natural light has on us all - physically, emotionally, and psychologically - has been well documented, and as recent events have shown, spending too much time at home can be draining, with skylights helping to counteract this.

You can learn more about Darina by visiting her LinkedIn profile:

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