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Skylight Upstands: what are they and how do they work?

Understanding Skylight Installation: What is an Upstand and Why is it Important?

At Cambridge Skylights, we often receive questions from our clients about the installation process for our beautiful skylights, particularly regarding the role of an upstand. To help provide clarity, we've put together this informative article on the basics of skylight installation.

What is an Upstand?

An upstand, also known as a curb, is a raised frame that supports the skylight and ensures there is sufficient height between the roof and the skylight in order to comply with Building Regulations. The upstand also provides enough pitch to allow rainwater to run off rather than pooling in the middle.

Why is an Upstand Important?

An upstand is fundamental to ensuring the correct installation of roof lights and preserving their longevity. Without an upstand, the glazed unit would come into contact with the roof surface, potentially causing damage and leaks.

Should an Upstand be Constructed Separately?

It is important to construct a separate upstand from the skylight to ensure the roofing membrane is properly installed before the skylight is installed. By doing so, the correct degree will be achieved in relation to water runoff and the required height. It also allows for repairs to be made without damaging the roof.

How to Construct an Upstand?

There are various options for constructing an upstand, and it's important to choose a design that suits your preferences and aesthetic. For our Cambridge Skylights, all upstand designs are equally suitable for our beautiful frameless skylights.

If you're considering a skylight installation, remember the importance of an upstand for the proper installation and longevity of your roof lights. Contact Cambridge Skylights today to learn more about our stunning range of skylights.

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