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What is the difference between a Roof Window, a Skylight and a Rooflight?

Defining Skylights & Roof lights: What's the Difference?

At Cambridge Skylights, we often get asked about the difference between a 'roof light', a 'skylight' and a 'roof window'. The truth is that there is little difference between these terms, but nuances do exist due to the industry's continuous evolution. In this blog post, we aim to clarify these definitions and end the confusion once and for all.

What is a roof window? How does it differ from a rooflight or skylight?

Roof windows are outward-opening windows integrated into a roof's design, usually with standard sizes and specifications. Velux is one of the most recognizable brands of roof windows. In contrast, rooflights/skylights are products installed in flat roofs or pitched roofs that stand out from the roof line more than roof windows do. They are typically installed on an upstand or kerb system that ensures water runoff, and they can be installed within listed buildings where new window openings are not permitted.

What about Cambridge Skylights?

Cambridge Skylights' design maximises natural light and eliminates bulky frames, making them different from traditional roof windows like Velux, Fakro, and Sunlux. Our skylights' popularity is due to their unique designs and practical aspects, such as cost savings and eco-friendliness.

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